European e-participation – a new challenge for telecentres?

An interactive session to learn and discuss

The session on e-participation will be an interactive learning session held on the second day of our Annual Conference in Belgrade (25th September).


e-Participation day on May 7: workshop in Lithuania

The session will gather participants and experts to explore the topic of e-participation, describe some digital tools that exist for this purpose and discuss their actual use by citizens. Participants will first learn from those already working in the field (civil society and researchers) and will then discuss the role of telecentres, libraries and civil society in e-participation. We will also look into how digital literacy and digital skills enable citizens to engage with public institutions online, use e-government services and influence policy-makers. In an increasingly digitalized society, e-participation and e-citizenship are indeed becoming key aspect of our citizenship.

e-UROP@ project partners will share their experience about organising the e-Participation day on 7th May this year and will prepare for the next year’s day with other telecentre leaders around Europe!

The speakers

E-participation experts from government, civic activist and e-participation entrepreneurs will showcase initiatives for e-participation from different angles. The session will be moderated by Mr. Vladimir Radunovic, E-diplomacy and Cybersecurity Director at the Diplo Foundation.

The speakers include:

Ms. Vukosava Crnjanski, Director of CRTA (Serbian Centre for research, transparency and accountability).

Ms Marija Kujačić Head of Department for Implementation and Support in Serbian Directorate for e-Government within the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government.

Aims and benefits

The session aims to see where telecentres and non-formal digital training providers stand with regards to e-participation. Are people using any e-government services or e-participation tools at telecentres and libraries? Should e-Participation Day become an annual event for promoting e-participation and supporting citizens to benefit from online participation opportunities?

Participants will also discuss the role of telecentres and will make recommendations for policy makers on how to support e-participation of European citizens.

For more information about the topic and the questions that will be tackled, see also Background note on e-participation.

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