For the 7th of May Stiftung Digitale Chancen organized an event at the ProSeniore Residence in Berlin-Mitte and invited interested senior citizens and adults to learn more about the e-Participation tools and share their opinions.

SDC Germany

23 interested people came to our event what gave it a nice atmosphere for discussions. After the welcome and introduction by Gerhard Seiler, Managing Director of Stiftung Digitale Chancen, a guest speaker took over the stage and shared his experience with e-Participation, namely online petitions, and gave the participants a vivid impression on what can be achieved with civic participation online.

Then the workshops started. We presented the first two online tools, showed how their work and what the differences e-Participation Daybetween them are (Petition to the European Parliament and SOLVIT) then the participants were asked to try the tools out by themselves while staff of SDC supported them. SDC provided twelve tablets (co-sponsored by E-Plus Group) which had the German E-UROPa website as a start page and the participants could find the links to the tools very easily. After questions regarding the tools were clarified, the second round started and we presented the next two tools (YourVoice and European Initative). The participants worked thereby in groups and supported each other so that many questions regarding the use of the platforms were answered in a peer-to-peer approach.

More pictures of the event can be found HERE.


But it doesn’t end with the 7th of May:

We will repeat the workshops at a big event that targets senior citizens. The event will take place on the 23th of June 2015 in Berlin and more than hundred senior citizens, multipliers and stakeholders are expected. Next to the publication of the survey results from the project “Tablets for Senior Citizens”, the event will focus on online tools for e-Participation. Therefore, we will conduct again the workshops to present these tools and additionally, we will place a tablet that will inform the participants during the whole event about the tools, the project and the competition (Learn more about the event HERE).

Furthermore, we will use “Tablet for senior citizens” to further disseminate the project and reach out to many seniors and promote the e-Participation tools. The next occasion will be the 15th of June when SDC hands over 10 tablets to a senior center in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. The tablet will be equipped with the flyer of the project and the German E-UROPa website as a start web page. Furthermore, an employee of SDC will introduce the tools and explain their usage to the senior citizens. Another 13 handovers are planned this year which will enable us to reach out to 350 senior citizens in 2015.


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