In Italy, Fondazione Mondo Digitale ran a half-day conference and a workshop targeting high school students. Over 50 students came to the Foundation in Rome together with their teachers to participate in a conference and a workshop on e-Participation and possibilities for active citizenship using online tools. The event, held at the Città Educativa of Rome, included team-building activities and Lego Serious Play Labs. Experts and young men and women worked together to develop a Europe in which everybody’s voice can be heard.

2015-05-07 ItalyOn May 7 at 10am, Mirta Michilli, Director General of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale opened the works. Cecilia Stajano, School Innovation Manager, FMD, held the team-building labs. Then, Alfonso Molina, Professor of Technology Strategy, University of Edinburgh and FMD Scientific Director, illustrated the multiplier effect that young men and women can enjoy with e-Participation processes. Following a brief presentation of the “My e-Participation Story” competition by Barbara Quarta, e-Europa Italy Project Manager, the floor was given to: Matteo Martone, President of the Model European Parliament Italia Association (MEP Italia); Gianni Dominici, Director General, ForumPA; Fiorella De Cindio, President, Fondazione Rete Civica Milano and associate professor at the Computer Studies Department of the Milan University; Teresa Petrangolini, Regione Lazio Councillor and founder of Cittadinanzattiva onlus.

During the conference, the following tools of e-Participation were introduced to the audience:

  • Puzzled by Policy website
  • European Parliament Petition Portal
  • Submitting a problem to SOLVIT
  • European Commission Public Consultations – YOUR VOICE: LA VOSTRA VOCE IN EUROPA (IT) Portal
  • The European Citizens Initiative.

The day continued with five worktables that employed the Lego Serious Play method with experts and youth on how to make 2015-05-07 Italyone’s voice heard in Europe. Students were asked to take part to different worktables that wished to experiment, together with experts, the use of technology for active e-Participation in EU policy, understand the importance of active citizenship and learn how to become protagonists of European policy decisions on issues concerning young men and women: school, work and education. A practical workshop, using the Lego Serious Play approach, was organised in order to propose and discuss about ideas of specific petitions to be launched to the European Parliament by students. Through the discussions and practical workshops young students were informed and motivated to use these e-Participation tools and encouraged to reflect on their practical relevance and usefulness.

Presentation given by Prof. Alfonso Molina during the event (news in English)

Voice Over Blog (article including videos, in Italian)

Please find more details in the final programme in Italian.

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