May 7 in your country

The E-UROPa consortium chose May 7 as European e-Participation Day that was celebrated in 11 European countries. Each project partner organised national activities such as workshops and conferences to engage citizens and raise awareness about different online tools for democratic participation in the EU policy.

Directly 1,268 people attended these events. Through information campaign, direct contacts, promotional materials, media appearance, news and blogposts it is estimated that in every participating country some two to ten thousand citizens (in total about 50 thousand people) were informed and indirectly reached by the European e-Participation Day.

Besides the introduction of the European e-participations tools, organisers aimed to present the possibilities of online participation in national policy-making, such as “My Voice” ( social initiative platform in Latvia or “Influence” ( in Serbia.

Participants really enjoyed live sessions with MEPs. In Estonia MEP Marju Lauristin was chatting with young persons. In Romania two MEPs were involved in e-Participation Day activities, who together with students were exploring the best types of communication with citizens and the most productive ways to influence national and European policies.

This video features some event highlights from countries who have produced video footage.

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